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Healing Session Fees

60 Minutes: $95

Oracle Card Guidance and Crystal Reiki Session

90 Minutes: $130

Laser Soul Coaching Session, Oracle Card Guidance, and Crystal Reiki Session

Spiritual Life Coaching: $100

per hour session

What is Energy Healing?

All healing is returning to oneness.

Healing is about peeling off the layers of the false self, so that you can become your authentic self.  We spend lots of energy and many years of covering up who we really are.  This 'covering up' is energy that sticks to us, it becomes part of us and it can actually hurt to carry it!
Reiki energy work can help remove the layers and begin to rebalance your chakras, the energy centers within your aura and body.  When the flow of energy is restored you begin to feel more relaxed and grounded in who you are.  Clarity and an over all feeling of well being is felt.

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are."

- Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, is Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the UCSF School of Medicine.

-Spending some time alone allows you to get grounded in your own individuality.  This is the place where you connect with the real you and listen to your intuition.  Outside noise from groups can drown out this voice.  This is why it is so important to spend some time daily to get grounded and quiet.

Why is a Soul Coaching Session

recommended before Reiki?

A soul coaching session helps massage the aura, loosening it and making the field around the body more mutable. This softening helps layers fall away so the truth is exposed so then we can see where the healing is to occur within the chakras.  We can tell which area, which chakra by the emotions and matching them to the theme of each energy center, chakras, both within the body and surrounding (aura).

When you begin to live from this space of clear energy at a higher vibration a new sense of self begins to emerge and it is fun!  This new sense of self wants to be creative.  You begin to recreate your self.  This is the starting point of expressing your essence.  I like to call this Soul Style...  This is the place of authenticity.  The fun part is expressing how this authenticity wants to display and show up.  This is when you begin the process of accessorizing your soul and LIVING your life's purpose.

What is Soul Style?


There are 8 billion people on the planet, that means there are 8 billion different ways of expressing your creative, energetic self! There is only ONE you!


Soul is truth, it is the pure organic energy of who you truly are. You have an internal seed that remembers why you came here and moves you to live your fullest expression in this world. 


Soul style is about inviting your spirituality into every aspect of your life. It is how you live, how you breathe, how you eat, how you move and groove as you walk about this Earth, and how you interact with every human being you encounter! Everything comes from your Soul Style.  It is the root of your core intention for living and expressing your dhama in the world.

Soul Style is about living your true essence, connecting to your inner light and living your life at its highest frequency. Soul Style is not religious. It has no rules. It is all about freedom and peeling away all of the barriers to your intuitive self to live a life of vibrancy!

Authentic people is exactly what the world needs. It is time to spread a fresh new outlook on what “soul” and “style” truly mean. Embrace this new perspective and invite the essence of your true self to come alive!

What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual Life Coaching helps create and open the channels for your spirituality to spill over into your everyday life.  Every area of your life should reflect your life's purpose:
- Career 
- Relationships
- Wellbeing
- Creativity&Dreams
Spiritual Life Coaching will help you develop a plan for your daily spiritual practice.  Together as a spirit team we will hone in and get clear on your intentions and design action steps to direct your energy to manifest your soul's desires

What is Reiki Yoga?

Reiki yoga is a powerful combination of prana flow. 
Reiki is an amazing, powerful, yet subtle form of energy healing. It is based on the belief that there is a life force energy that runs through each individual and that sickness, stress, and other ailments are caused by a weakness or disruption of that energy field. By laying hands upon a person, a reiki practitioner will channel healing energy from the divine or universal energy into an individual’s personal energy field.

Combining yoga and reiki has resulted in a unique practice that can enhance a person’s overall well-being. The two practices complement each other in achieving optimum health of mind, body, and spirit. Through the focus of yoga combined with the channeling of reiki healing energy, the body and spirit come into complete alignment and monumental shifts can occur. The power of reiki and the group collective energy of conscious minded yogis will provide a powerful vehicle for blessings and healing for everyone in the space and beyond.

Interested in hosting Sally Miller at your studio for Reiki Yoga or Healing/Coaching Workshop?

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