Get Ready! Your Favorite Workshop Just Got A REBOOT! ( Formerly the  7 Week Chakra Cleanse)

APRIL 4TH • APRIL 11TH • APRIL 18TH •  PLUS Bonus Session APRIL 25TH 


Enjoy the powerful benefits of unlocking the chakras in just 3 Weeks! Join Sally Miller for three consecutive Saturdays on the enlightening journey inside. Open yourself to community, laughter, self-love, and a deeper sense of awareness in the world around you.  Formerly the 7 Week Chakra Cleanse, this special intensive is designed to explore further into the seven chakra in just 3 weeks!

Join us April 25th for a special Chakra Review, Alignment Meditation, and Open House.

Free of charge-- Bring your friends!


• Week 1    The Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, & Solar Plexus

• Week 2   The Heart Chakra

• Week 3   The Throat Chakra, The Third Eye, The Crown Chakra







Using simple yoga movement, lecture, and experience; explore the healing power of breath!

November 15th - November 22nd - December 6th - December 13th

• Healing Your Breath: Opening constriction and coming into rhythm

• Anatomy, Technology and Spirituality of breathing.

• Breathing techniques that help energize, increase balance, alleviate anxiety, and enhance sleep.

• How much life and light can you allow into the body?

• How breath is your ‘bridge‘ to your spiritual nature.

• What’s yogic breathing got to do with death?  


The primary movement of your body and one of the most powerful forces in your life is the quiet cycling of your breath. It met you when you came into your body; it inspires your movement day and night; and it can serve you when you leave the body. Science is now catching up to what the yogis have known about breathing for centuries. Consciously learning how to breath in movement and stillness, in agitation and joy can lower heart rate, alleviate stress, support sleep, expand your capacity for life-force, create health and serve as a bridge to your spiritual nature! And it’s FREE





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